Q: What is the warrantee period?

A:  The free warrantee period is 1 year from the day the system is installed.  Additional service agreements can be purchased providing for an extended warrantee period for the duration of the service agreement.

Q: How long does it take for the Wireless Speaker to charge?

A: The maximum charge time is 1 hour if the battery if fully depleted, but is generally much less for normal use.

Q:  How long can the Wireless Speaker be used before needing recharged?

A: It depends on several factors including the volume level, but will generally last from 24 to 30 hours before needing recharged.

Q: How loud is the Wireless Speaker?

A: The speaker can produce up to 3 Watts of audio output power. This is generally sufficient to hear the receiver in even the loudest restaurant environments.

Q: I am worried about my customers using a Wireless Speaker disturbing other customer. How can this be avoided?

A:  The Integravics’ System Control Software allows you to limit the maximum volume of the Wireless Speaker.  Because the maximum volume is transmitted wirelessly, it can be done without ever touching a receiver or needing to ask a customer to turn the volume down.

Q: How many different channels are available?

A: 10

Q: Can the wireless receiver handle being dropped or beverages being spilled on it?

A: The units were designed to tolerate typical restaurant conditions such as being dropped and beverage spills. With the exception of the unit being smashed into pieces or submerged in water, we’ll fix it at our cost if it stops working and it’s still under warrantee or service agreement.

Q:  I want something that looks a little different for my restaurant. Do you provide any type of customization?

A: Yes. We provide various customization options. The transmitter and receiver can be provided in different colors. The graphics on the control pad of the transmitter and receiver can also be customized with your own custom graphics such as your restaurant’s color scheme and logo. We provide 5 different stain choices for the charging rack at no additional charge, but we can also provide a custom charging rack design if you have a specific requirement.

Q: My establishment is dark inside. Will the customers be able to see the display?

A: The display on the Wireless Speaker has a backlight that lights up whenever the user presses a control button or a new message is received.

Q: What is the range?

A: The range varies depending on the environment, but can be up to 1000 feet. The advantage of Integravics’ installation service and service agreement is that we optimize the antenna placement for the transmitter to ensure optimum coverage and will correct any problems if you experience difficulties.

Q: How many receivers can I have?

A: There is no limit to the number of Wireless Speakers that can be used. The only requirement is to have a charging rack for each 20 Wireless Speakers.

At Integravics, we’ve made every effort to design a product that ensures low maintenance for you our customers. If you are experiencing a problem with your system, please do not hesitate to contact us at (216) 744-7467 or You can also browse through our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and find answers to the most common questions.