We offer a variety of service contracts to ensure your system is working the same as the day it was installed. All Integravics' products come with a free one year warrantee to cover any defects in the product, but a service agreement offers additional advantages such as:

  • Extended warrantee period through the length of service agreement.
  • Automatic updates to the latest Integravics' firmware and messaging service software.
  • Free battery replacement.
  • Discounted replacement costs on units damaged/stolen by customers.

Contact us today to find out what service agreement makes sense for you.

Service Agreements


We realize every customer is different and we want to ensure our products fit the look and feel of your establishment. It’s no problem if you want something that looks different than our standard product offering. We offer:

  • Various color options for the transmitter and receiver cases.
  • Customized overlay control panels for that transmitter and receiver that can include your logo and color scheme.
  • Custom stain or paint of the receiver charging rack to fit the decor of your establishment.


We provide complete installation of the Integravics' TV Audio System. Installation includes integration of the transmitters with your existing audio equipment, finding optimal antenna placement for maximum system performance, and locating and installing the receiver charging rack. If you would prefer to work with your existing audio/video installer, we can work directly with them to ensure the system is properly installed to meet all of our warrantee and service agreement requirements.