Product Overview

Integravics offers a complete set of products designed with the goal of helping make the customer's experience at your establishment more unique and enjoyable by delivering high quality audio to the customers table so they can hear the program they’re watching. With the addition of RDS messaging and the system controller software, the system can also relay messages to customers such as reminders of upcoming events at your establishment or special offers and promotions.

The primary components of the system are the TVTS Transmitter which transmits high quality FM audio throughout your establishment and the TVR Wireless Speaker given to the customers to select the TV they wish to listen to. Below are the product descriptions of the core system componets. To learn more, you can contact us today to schedule a free on-site demonstration so you can see for yourself how the system works and the benefits of the Integravics Wireless Audio System.

TVR Wireless Speaker

The TVR Wireless Speaker receives the selected channel from the TVTS Transmitter and outputs high quality audio through either the integrated speaker or headphone jack. The TVR can receive any of the 10 channels used by the TVTS transmitters and can also be switched into FM mode to receive standard FM signals in the 88 to 108 MHz band.

In addiation to audio, the unit also has a display allowing for custom messages to be relayed to customers. This feature allows you to target very specific audiences since the messaging can be specific to the particular channel, date, and even the time of day.

TVTS Transmitter

The TVTS is a wireless transmitter that is intended for use with the TVR wireless speaker. When used together, the system provides audio assistance in restaurants, sporting venues, and other places of public access with a range of up to 1000 feet (305 m).

The transmitter can operate on 10 different channels allowing for multiple transmitters to be used simultaneously. There would be one transmitter per TV for a typical installation. The user would then select the desired channel associated with the TV they wish to watch.

The audio is input to the unit using standard stereo RCA connectors. To accommodate a wide range of audio signal levels, the transmitter unit has an auto-adjustable audio signal input range.

In case of an electrical outage at your facility, the transmitter units will recall the previous power state, channel, and audio settings and automatically return to the previous settings after power returns.

System Controller Software

Charging Rack

The charging rack is used to store and recharge the TVR wireless speaker when not in use. It comes in two sizes holding either 10 or 20 TVR Wireless Receivers and also comes in 5 unique stain choices. It can also be customized to ensure it meets the decor of your restaurant.

Key Features:

  • 10 dedicated high quality channels for use with the TVTS Transmitter.
  • Maximum allowable volume is controlled remotely allowing you to customize the audio level to ensure customers can hear what they're watching without disturbing other customers.
  • Custom marketing messages can be displayed on the LCD for each channel allowing for targeted marketing based on what channel someone is watching.
  • FM mode allowing customers to tune into local broadcast of sporting events while watching live sports broadcasts.
  • Battery lasts up to 24 hours of continuous use after full charge.

Key Features:

  • Auto-adjustment of audio input signal levels to provide easy setup.
  • Audio supplied through standard RCA connectors.
  • Auto-reconfigure after power outage.
  • Maximum radio frequency output level of 80 mV/m at 3 meters.
  • 10 dedicated high quality channels for use with the TVR Wireless Speaker: 72.1 MHz, 72.3 MHz, 72.5 MHz, 72.7 MHz, 72.9 MHz, 74.7 MHz, 75.3 MHz, 75.5 MHz, 75.7 MHz, and 75.9 MHz.

Integravics’ System Controller Software allows you to control the messages displayed on the receiver units as well as the maximum volume level and channels in use. The application allows you to schedule messaging on specific channels and times using an intuitive scheduling control to target your messages to specific audiences.

Stain Choices: