Television was meant to be heard and not just seen!

The Integravics wireless audio system works in conjunction with your video system and delivers high quality wireless audio throughout your establishment and to your customers table.

The system consists of commercial grade transmitters and wireless speakers. The wireless speaker unit is packed with functionality yet has an extremely simple and intuitive interface for customers. The customer simply uses the channel buttons to select the television they want to listen to and the volume buttons to adjust the audio level. The wireless speaker is stored in a charging rack when not in use. This ensures it goes out the customer with a full charge lasting up to 24 hours.

The system offers a lot more functionality behind the scenes

to help you market to and customize your customer’s experience. The system allows you to transmit messages on each channel to target specific audiences. For example, you could send out a message such as “Join us for all the NFL action” on the sports channel and “Kids eat free every Tuesday” on the cartoon channel. The system also has advanced functionality such as the ability to limit the maximum volume remotely. This allows you to customize the audio level to ensure customers can hear what they’re listening to without disturbing other customers.

At Integravics, we believe we can help you provide a more complete and enjoyable customer experience which leads to increased business. Contact us today to find out more about our products and how we can help make television the experience it was meant to be.